White Label Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing Services for Agencies and Resellers

Almost all agency clients need social media services in one form or another. Our range of white-label social media services makes it easy for our agency partners to provide a first-class service to their social media clients.

  • Social media services you can resell
  • Change or cancel anytime
  • Flexible packages to suit your agency and clients
  • Great source of recurring agency revenue 


Key features

Though it might sound contradictory, we've designed social media services that offer both fixed costs and flexibility all rolled into one. Our white-label social media services include:

  • Design by our in-house designers
  • All major networks
  • Match the right networks for the right client
  • Choose the frequency and volume of posts
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Integration with your existing tools
  • Basic or Premium level posting
  • Motion graphics if required
  • We can post client content if required
  • Multi-level quality assurance
  • Community management add ons
  • Social media advertising add ons

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Got Questions About Our White Label Social Media Services?

Can I see pricing?

Absolutely, we have both an online agency portal (which shows all pricing) and a PDF Brochure/Price List we can send you. What we suggest is that you join us on a call to make sure we're a good fit. After that, we'll send you access to both items. However, on a basic level, our pricing is modular, scalable and very good value. We can offer packages from £149 ($190)/month up to £4k ($5k) /month, and both would have plenty of room for margin.  

Are we tied in?

No. All our services are based on a monthly rolling contract. This means that if your clients cancel you can simply cancel your subscription for them in your agency portal. Having said that, we do offer significant discounts for 3, 6 or 12-month commitments and this can be a great way to maximise your profit margin.

Can our clients still post?

Absolutely. If they want to post, they can. However, if they have something particular they want to post about, we do suggest you pass that on to us so we can make sure it's consistent with the reset of their content.

Where are you based?

Our primary base is in the UK. However, we have team members in all main time zones, including a number of colleagues in the US. We work with marketing agencies from all over the world and can accept payment in most currencies, including EUR, USD, AUS and GBP.  

Can you help at the proposal stage?

We can certainly help, yes.

the way this will usually work is for you to contact your account manager with some information about the client you are sending a proposal. We will then send you recommendations for services based on their requirements. Using this, you will then be able to formulate the proposal and, hopefully, close the sale.  

Can you create video?

Absolutely. Our packages and services are really flexible, so you just need to select the services each client requires. we have a number of 'Add Ons' for video that should allow you to give your client what they need.

How do you get to know our client?

Once you place an order for our white-label social posting service from within the agency portal, you will then be asked to answer a series of questions about your client. Within the portal there is also an area for each of your clients where you can provide us with all the information you feel will help us, including files and graphics.

What does 'white-label' actually mean?

Put simply, white label services are services that are provided by us, but which you can sell under your brand (or agency) – effectively putting your label on it. We will have no contact with your client whatsoever. They won’t even know we exist. As far as they are concerned, we are just part or your agency team (just without the cost and hassle).

How much can we charge our client?

That’s entirely up to you. Our pricing is designed to offer extremely good cost; value. This means there is a large scope for marketing up our services while still providing high value for our clients. We will never tell agency owners what to charge, but most do tend to add a 60-100% markup.

Who handles customer service for our client?

We provide 100% white-label social media and other marketing services. This means we don’t have any direct contact with your clients. We are available for any questions you have about your service – however, any questions your client has should be answered by one of your in-house team members (or yourself).

Are there any setup fees?

There isn't a setup fee to begin working with us. However, each white-label service we offer has different pricing structures. some have setup fees, some don't. The majority of our white-label social media service options don't have setup fees. Full details can be seen in our agency portal.

Is there a minimum spend?


You can come to us with one client with a modest budget and we will still want to work with you/them.

We also have capacity for 100+ clients if you have them.

Ready to get started?

The next step is for you to book a call with our team. From there, setup can take less than 24 hours!