How it works

So, how does this all work in reality? We go through each of the key client milestones below:



Once you're set up on our agency portal you will be able to view all our white-label services and build customised packages for each client, even before you've sent the proposal. Also, if you feel you need our input in order to propose exactly the right solution for them, that's no problem.


Going Ahead

If your client gives you the 'go ahead' you simply order the relevant services in our agency portal. Payment can either be made using a payment card or via invoice. Once you've ordered the relevant services you will then see them in your main agency portal.


Service Delivery

The delivery of each service will vary slightly. However, what they all have in common is that the communication relating to the service, and all files will remain in the agency portal for you to view at any time.


Client Management

Our service is completely white-labelled. This means that we won't ever have direct contact with your client.


Tracking & Reporting

Any reporting relating to your client's services will be delivered through the agency portal.


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